Hi, I'm Gary Carpenter

Full Stack Web Developer, with a focus on Javascript, CSS and Node.js

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About Me

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Gary Carpenter

Highly experienced javascript programmer, with a strong backgound in Logistics.

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Legendary Cutlery

In 2014, I created my own business, Legendary Cutlery, which needed a website. So, I created my first ever website. I managed it all, from the front end to the backend, wrote all the code myself, setting up domain names, playing with DNS, SEO... my first taste of web development.

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Code Background

Web Developer

Fast forward to today, and I have years of experience in web development creating everything from basic static webpages right up to full stack web apps with logins, 2 factor authentication, large databases...

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My Public Projects

I have some public projects below, which you might want to explore.

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My Personal Website

Checkout the code behind this website.

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Screenshot of wakelock webpage

Wakelock API

I created a website that utlises the wakelock API. Myself and some friends use this site when we want to keep a computer awake. You can keep your computer awake, preventing the screensaver from activating, just by visiting this site. It also prevents your computer from automatically locking.

Screenshot of my favourite things webpage

HTML & CSS Project

A very simple page listing some things I like, with links to learn more about those things. It was my first project with OpenClassrooms, but I decided not to pursue a paid course with them.